環隆科技在臺灣是股票公開發行的公司,1998年在臺灣上櫃,並於2000年轉上市。目前公司的主要産品有五大類:1)電磁元件,應用領域涵蓋通訊、網路、電力;2)電源供應器,應用領域涵蓋通訊、網路、工業控制、資訊家電;3)資通產品,公司目前資通產品業務主要來自美國電話檢測儀、日本魚群探測器、GPS等OEM、ODM 代工產品 ;以及網路影像電話、無線網路電話、VOIP gateway router、衛星導航(GPS) 、數位相框等自行開發之通訊產品。;4) 光纖主、被動元件,主要應用領域爲通訊,供應EPON, GPON, GEPON等需求的;5)光電產品:主要有LCM等業務。

環隆科技成立以來,第一階段是前10年(1984-1993)以立足臺灣發展爲主,成立之初我們定位爲IT産業提供最好的電子零元件,設立研發,生產線,1984開始時生産Delay Line,並陸續開發生産Transformers、DC-DC converters、AC-DC power supplie,産品逐步獲得業界肯定,接獲許多國際大廠的訂單如IBM、Siemens、Erisson、Lucent等等,在臺灣産能不能滿足客戶訂單需求之時,我們在第二階段後十年(1994-2003),開始在大陸設廠發展,深圳廠房有67,000m2,産能擴增至原有3倍,我們立足大陸豐富的資源條件,取得更有利的成本條件,擴展更大的市場,我們公司的産品領域也從生產電子零組件初發展到電腦、通信週邊產品、光纖產品的製造;環隆科技逐步朝成品的製造發展,已經成功開發出數位用戶迴路傳輸設備介面模組、「STANDALONE VIDEO PHONE」影像電話、INTERNET SCREEN PHONE、VOIP gateway router、光纖被動元件:1x3 Coupler 、WDM、CWDM、DWDM、FWDM、光纖通訊系統應用產品:3RU FTX、3RU RRX、3RU Power Supply、TVRM(TV Receiver Module)等產品。



Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (UMEC)
was founded in 1984 Taichung, Taiwan. We are public listed in TSEC OTC in 1998 and TAIEX in 2000 with 43 millions US dollars capital and over 135 millions US dollars annual sales volume.
The Taichung Head Quarter is located at the heart of Taiwan with international site of service branches throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. There are two global manufacturing facilities to provide high quality and competitive products, located at Taichung Industrial Park, Taiwan and ShenZhen, China. As the worldwide expertise in contract manufacturing service, our facilities is fully certified by an array of international standards, ISO-9001/14001, QS- 9000, QS, BABT, TL, and TUV*.
*TÜV SÜD Product Service has created a website where your customers can find out about the type of certification mark and the tested properties. The site can be accessed under the following link: www.tuv-sud.com/ps-cert.
Over 25 years in the industry, we are proud to be well known as a superior choice of supplier for customers all over the world in five areas of EMS.

1. Magnetic Components:
all types of inverter and transformers, covers communication, internet, and power system.
2. Power Supplies:
converter, open frame, and LUPS, used in communication, internet, industrial control and IT Home Electronics.
3. Information and Communication Components/ Products:
two product line separated as OEM assembly service(subcontracting) test equipments, GPS module,telecommunications,automation systems and turn-key assemblies for US- Telephony inspector, JP- Fish finder/ detector, Marine GPS/Radar etc, and UMEC Developed CPEs, such as SIP Internet/WIFI Video Phone, VOIP gateway router, GPS, Digital Photo Frame, etc.
4. Photonics Equipment and Components:
CATV optical equipments include Video/Data-ONU, Forward Transmitter, Return Receiver, GE-PON system etc. Customized Passive optical components with all types of WDMs, filter Add/Drop devices and FBT 1xN couplers.
5. LCM and TV products:
LED and CCFL backlight, LCD Module, LED Display and LED TV(OEM/ODM)

Three phase of UMEC
First stage: (1984-1993)
Jimmy Ou, the chairman, founded UMEC in Jan, 1984 and set up the first production line of Delay Line, the predecessor of transformer. The page of UMEC history officially OPENed! For years, we continually exploit a series of new components, Transformer, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, and successfully recognized by many global industry leaders, such as IBM, Siemens, Ericsson, and Lucent etc. At this stage we focus on electronic component development and high-quality production in Taiwan.

Second stage: (1994-2003)
Because of the overwhelmed customer demand during this period, the capacity of our Taiwan factory is not sufficient to the market. We started to consider an oversea manufactory facility. After years of survey, in Jan, 2003, the UMEC ShenZhen factory, 67,000 was established for more competitive cost structure to make the use of the rich resources of mainland China and expand our global market. Not only employ the cost down plan by SZ factory, but also spread out our product line into optical fiber equipment, components, SIP video Phone series and so on.

Third stage: (2004-current)
A mature line of electronic components and Consumer Premise Equipments has been fruitfully complete UMEC catalogue of GPS/LCM/VoIP/ONU modules, STANDALONE VIDEO PHONE, INTERNET SCREEN PHONE, Optical Passive Components, and Optical Active Equipments. Now, we are confident to announce our versatile inventions and ready to meet the new page of UMEC record! .

Competitive Advantages
R&D capability
UMEC aims at creation and development of “Top-notch” products to improve human life. We have over hundreds of R&D staff, which is 30% of indirect employees, and budget 4% of the annual sale to R&D spend, 6.12% and 4.1% in 2005 and 2006 separately. Furthermore, we develop co-operative researching project with domestic and abroad professional institutes as well as many well-known Leading Corporation. Our transformer is one of the good examples to be certified by most international IC manufactures, such as Alcatel-Lucent、GlobespanVirata、TI、Conexant 、Infineon etc

Cost effectiveness
Well-deployed cost structure between Taiwan and China brings significant cost down on UMEC production. Although the pricing gets lower, our niche QC and production system keeps our highest standard of quality output. To our competitors, the cost effectiveness and R&D advantage is a huge block stone to jump over. Of course, there are many other good players like UMEC, and we always keep cautious on the new market trend and continually improve every point of manufacturing and service.
To sum up, UMEC exclusive corporate culture and up-to-date system is our key advantages on the market. Continuity improvement sustains our high position, because we are experienced and humble to be better and better.

UMEC Oversea Organizations Chart:

3、情報、通信コンポーネンツ事業。主にアメリカの電話検査機器、日本の魚群探知機、GPSなどのOEM、ODM製造及びインターネットビデオ電話、無線インターネット電話、VOIPゲートウェイルータ、衛星ナビゲーション(GPS) 、デジタルフォトフレームなどは、自社開発製品です。
当社創立以来、最初の10年間(1984年~1993年)に台湾本島での経営に力を注いでおりました。IT業界に最もお役に立てるよう電子部品の研究開発、製造に責任を持っております。1984年にDelay Lineを生産し始め、その後Transformer、DC-DC converter、AC-DC power supplyを開発生産しました。その成果は、業界で高い評価を受けており、IBM、Siemens、Ericsson、Lucentなどグローバル企業から依頼を頂き、委託生産をさせていただけることとなりました。第二段階(1994年-2003年)、業績向上でお客様のオーダーに対して台湾工場の製造能力不足のため、当社は中国大陸において製造工場を設立しました。深セン工場の面積は約67,000㎡であり、製造能力は約3倍へ増加しました。資源が豊かな中国大陸において、製造コストが削減できたため、当社のシェアが拡大しました。当社の商品群は、電子部品からパソコン、通信分野製品、光ファイバーの完成製品へ発展いたしました。現在は、DSLモジュール;「STANDALONE VIDEO PHONE」ビデオ電話;INTERNET SCREEN PHONE;VOIP gateway router;光ファイバー受動素子である1x3 Coupler 、WDM、CWDM、DWDM、FWDM;光ファイバー通信応用製品である3RU FTX、3RU RRX、3RU Power Supply、TVRM(TV Receiver Module)などの商品を開発し製造生産を行っております。  


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